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Are you thinking buying your home/nats?Let us find the perfect home/nat to move.The one which will be right,perfect and after your choice with a different tone.We are as qualified,experienced,reliable and reputable as you are searching for.We have n long 12 years experience in this field.And it is also a proven Tact with our invaluable completed or ongoing sites such as...more or less 37 in numbers.Our sales success rate placed us the top trusted developer/promoter at TANGRA INDUSTRIAL ESTATE AND NKDA,NEW TOWN arcas.Bclicve our user rating than any of the kind of trust proposition.Imagine coming home to this gorgeous 2,3 bedrooms in a swanky part of Tangra Industrial Estate and Newtown,Rajarhat.It is the present best area of choice.A special home that has been meticulously carved for and shows pride of ownership.We value your finance and fund for resilential buy to keep your whole family together and cnjoy the greatest joy being a home owner and also with your secured future.We will guide and support you throughout the buying process.Uncover your dream in reality with us. Select the right choice to get rid of the bad quality.Don't make yourself a stressed persun by investing in inappropriate property as we provide one with expert backed platform.We have made it casy for prospective buyers with your mindset.Our creation winl fit with your life-style.Select a time scnsitive scarch before it is too late.We have options for every buyer and we are with you all the way as we know in better way what you exactly want.Start your journey today.Simply contact with Mr.Rashidul Haque one of the best promoter/developer who works with his full team of 10 Civil Engineers,15 numbers of Supervisors,12 numbers of sub- contractors and many other office stanfs of different fields.


This time there's no stopping us. Straightnin' the curves. Flatnin' the hills Someday the mountain might get ‘em but the law never will. The weather started getting rough - the tiny ship was tossed.


Make your home with us & become beautiful Are you thinking buying your ...


Make your home with us & become beautiful It is also a proven ...


Make your home with us & become beautiful We have options for every ...


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